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    Broken Hill Prospecting Limited (BPL) is a small mining and exploration company which has been actively exploring the Broken Hill region for the past 20 years.

    The Company holds an exploration license and two leases in the Thackaringa area (an area situated 25km south west from Broken Hill) and has developed an inferred cobalt reserve of 14 million tonnes of high grade (+2 pound per tonne) cobalt.

    An exploration drilling program was completed on two of the company’s base metals prospects at Thackaringa late in 2010, finding strongly anomalous copper, lead and zinc results from lode bearing rocks over 500m strike lengths. A follow-up drilling program is currently underway to test that mineralisation at further depth.


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    MC - $3m
    SP - 9.3c
    Shares - 29m quoted (82.5m total)
    Options - 42m
    Cash - $1.4m

    During the period assay results of samples from the recent drilling were received for the all of the recent drill holes in BPL’s 100% owned Railway, Offset and North Big Hill Cobalt Prospects near Broken Hill. Most holes contain thick, high-grade zones of cobaltiferous pyrite.

    Mineralization was intersected in the only hole at the Offset Cobalt Prospect;
     22 metres (‘m’) of 1.77 pounds per tonne (‘lb/t’) cobalt in the down-hole interval between 115 and 137 metres in drill hole BER001 (115-137m )

    Extensive zones of cobalt mineralisation were intersected in both of the two holes completed north of the Big Hill Deposit (North Big Hill Cobalt Prospect);
     111m of 0.98lb/t cobalt in BER002 (18-129m)
     16m of 1.92lb/t cobalt in BER020 (30-46m)

    Mineralised drill hole intersections at the Railway Cobalt Prospect include;
     40m of 2.63lb/t cobalt in BER004 (40-90m)
     14m of 3.34lb/t cobalt in BER006 (148-162m)
     14m of 2.42lb/t cobalt in BER009 (33-47m) and 35m of 2.01lb/t Co (57-92m)
     18m of 5.08lb/t cobalt in BER011 (106-124m) including 11m of 6.71lb/t Co
     45m of 3.85lb/t cobalt in BER012 (27-72m) including 9m of 4.89lb/t Co
     9m of 2.01lb/t cobalt, 8m of 2.08lb/t Co and 10m of 4.15lb/t Co in BER013
     27m of 2.23lb/t cobalt in BER014 (28-55m)
     75m of 2.22lb/t cobalt in BER016 (25-100m) including 16m of 3.58lb/t Co
     41m of 2.20lb/t cobalt in BER018 (116-157m end of hole)
     22m of 2.54lb/t cobalt in BER019 (34-56m)

    Anomalous zinc and silver were intersected in several intervals in the lower portion of BER004 beneath the central part of the Railway Cobalt Prospect. These include;
     3m of 1.3% zinc, 15g/t silver and 1.3lb/t cobalt between 108-111m
     6m of 3.5% zinc, 6g/t silver and 2.41lb/t cobalt between 120-126m

    The wide-spaced drilling has intersected near-surface cobaltiferous pyrite mineralisation within a zone which trends for more than 1.5 kilometres and is up to 300 metres wide (Railway Cobalt Prospect).
    The mineralisation is open at depth.
    BPL has commenced a resource assessment and will undertake a scoping study to investigate a 7.5 million tonne per year open cut mine with annual production of pyrite concentrate containing about 7,000 tonnes of cobalt.
    Mines in central Africa accounted for over 65% of recorded cobalt production in 2011 and almost 12% (11,300 tonnes Co) was produced as by-product from a single copper operation (Tenke Fungurume) in the DRC (Congo). Clearly, any future development of BPL’s deposits, alongside rail and near mining infrastructure at Broken Hill, would be helped by excellent location and security concerns in central Africa.

    I am lacking in my knowledge of cobalt, so here is the wiki link.
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    Default Re: BPL - Broken Hill Prospecting

    Resource evaluation of the Railway Cobalt Deposit has increased cobalt resources by 70% and added considerable potential to BPL’s 100% owned Thackaringa Cobalt Project near Broken Hill, NSW

     Maiden Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate of Railway project is 14.9Mt of 1.83lb/t (831ppm) cobalt (27 million pounds of contained cobalt metal)

     Additional Potential of Railway project calculated as 23-35Mt of similar mineralisation*

     Combined Railway, Pyrite Hill, and Big Hill Inferred Mineral Resource has increased by over 70% to 35.7Mt of 1.85lb/t (841ppm) cobalt (66 million pounds of contained cobalt metal)

     Combined Railway and Pyrite Hill Potential is now estimated between 37-59Mt of mineralisation between 600-900ppm Co

     Resources at all deposits remain open along trend and at depth

     Drill testing beneath anomalous zinc and silver intersections (6 metres of 3.5% zinc) is planned in September
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