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    Hi All,

    Spotted this IPO for Potash West. Appears to be a company that is going to engage in glauconite exploration, (glauconite being convertible into potash). Sounds interesting if you are one (like me) who sees there being increasing demand for food (and thus fertilizer).


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    This stock has had a pretty decent start. Currently Buy volume holding strong. Potash could still be the flavour of the month after all.

    Keep an eye on this speccy!

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    PWN is one i've had on a watchlist for a while, as yet I have seen no signals, nor any information released that tells me this is a buy.

    Recently that have reported that an interview with Clive Tompkins of Finance News Network is now available on the Company’s website.
    Direct link here.

    Company presentation for June 2012 here.

    Plenty of interesting information, particularly the population/arable land ratio.

    IIR have released this research report

    Arrowhead have issued this one.

    PWN have also recently received the recent granting ofthree Exploration Licences covering the central and western portions of the Dandaragan
    Trough, located 60km north of Perth in Western Australia, which is potentially the world’s largest
    glauconite deposit

    A 2,500m drilling program at Marchagee and Walyoo Hill is scheduled to commence in the first
    week of June. In the third week of June up to 10,000m of air core drilling will begin at the Dinner
    Hill prospect.
    The drilling program is designed to test the continuity of the greensand host unit at Dinner Hill
    and provide sufficient sample density for the definition of a JORC compliant potash resource.
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    sorry stuffed up, cannot delete post.

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