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    Core Exploration Ltd. (CXO) was incorporated on 10 September 2010 with the aim of growing shareholder value through the exploration for and discovery of commercially robust copper and uranium deposits in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

    The Company holds projects comprising nine tenements covering over 2,000 km2 in the highly prospective Gawler Craton and Curnamona Craton of South Australia and Amadeus Basin in the Northern Territory.


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    MC - $2.7m
    SP - 9c
    Shares - 30m
    Options - NQ
    Cash - $2.2m

    CXO have a couple of copper drill targets in the future that may be well worth keeping an eye out for. Cash position is lower than I would like it, but with the miniscule amount of shares on issue, a post cap raise could be a good point of entry depending on the terms.

    Ground magnetics identify exciting new targets at Fitton Project S.A.
    New magnetic targets of similar magnetic response to the promising Scott Lee prospect found at Fitton
    Previous Scott Lee surface sampling of outcrop assayed up to 10.5% copper and 0.34% U3O8
    Follow-up mapping and outcrop sampling of new magnetic targets is underway
    First Fitton project drilling program planned later in 2012

    Copper found in outcrop of new magnetic targets, Fitton Project S.A.
     Copper mineralisation found in outcrop of new magnetic targets found at Fitton project in South Australia
     Previous sampling of outcrop at the nearby Scott Lee prospect have significant levels of copper and uranium
     Assays of current sampling are expected by the end of August
     First Fitton project drilling program planned for late in 2012

    4% copper found in outcrop at new Choppy Prospect Fitton Project, northern S.A.
     Copper mineralisation grading up to 4% Cu has been found in outcrop of the new magnetic targets identified at the Fitton project in South Australia
     Scale of copper, uranium and gold potential is building at Fitton
     First Fitton project drilling program planned for late in 2012

    Further back, from 8th June 2012
    High grade uranium and copper in outcrop at the Scott Lee Prospect Fitton Project, South Australia
    3,370 ppm U3O8 (0.34% U3O8) assayed from outcrop sample at Fitton Project in S.A.
    High uranium sample located 200m from new copper sample grading +5%
    Uranium levels sampled above 100ppm for over 800m
    0.37 g/t gold was also identified on the western end of the same prospect.
    Drilling is planned for August/September 2012
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    Default Re: CXO - Core Exploration

    So these guys have been a bit active in the last week or so, with some promising market releases coming out which pushed shares up to 11c at the end of last week before faltering back to around 8c late in the day... I picked up a few shares as a speccy a couple of days ago at 7.7c and now today they've jumped back up to 9c on no news.

    Still only 48m shares on issue.

    ...waiting to see what news comes out over the next couple of weeks, with a bit of luck this might start to get interesting

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