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    Default Melbourne Cup 2005

    I am backing the Diva whats everyone else taking?

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup




    Trifecta's I'll take.

    And If you could get a big enough group together ---add another field to the pick 4

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    Diva but will be looking for a risker outsider as well.

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    Joe - Can we run an aussie stock forums trifecta comp?

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup


    Trifecta info for once a year punters.

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    Wink Re: Melbourne Cup

    I hear that Diva will not win, the tip is Eye Popper!

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    big ask for the diva

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    Can someone give me the formula to work out the stake for multiple Trifectas and pick 4s please.

    As an example 9 in each leg.(Trifecta).
    Or whatever combination

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    can anyone tell me who ran third in the caulfield cup

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    Look at horses with a SABEEL conection.....as far as diva is concerned...carries a hugh load of 58KG....and no horse with this weight has EVER won the cup...so I pass....I like Bazeel....won the Auckland cup with only 50KG its a leightweight...in the AK Cup...it went like a train...nothing could stop it....all Sabeels horses are BRED for distance...... but there again any horse can win it as they are ALL CHAMPIONS...SO YOU PICK

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    Quote Originally Posted by amohonour
    can anyone tell me who ran third in the caulfield cup
    believe it was Mummify. sadly was put down after race

    9 RAILINGS 7.80 2.50
    4 EYE POPPER 8.80
    1 MUMMIFY 4.60
    SCR 3 8 21
    Sub Fav 16

    QN 4* 9 140.50
    EX 9* 4 189.40
    F4 9* 4* 1*20 169641.20

    TF 9* 4* 1 3012.90
    A2 4* 9 45.00
    1* 9 9.00
    1* 4 56.30

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    Tech /A... for $1 unit in trifecta = (no. of horses in first leg) * (no. of horses in second leg -1) * (no. of horses in third leg-2)

    i.e your diva-field-field would be 1*(24-1)*(24-2)= $506 (assuming all 24 start)

    Think Big won in 75 with 58.5 kg, prior to that I think Rain Lover got up in 69 with more than 58kg. Of course in 1890 Carbine lumped the equivalent of 66kg to victory.
    The above post is personal opinion only, for investment advice consult a licensed professional who fully understands the value of trailing commissions.

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    thanks bris wouldnt know how the field finished

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    Bart's gonna bring home cup#12 with Strasbourg!!!

    Nah, seriously, its a good roughie for the trifectas, but you can't go pass the Diva. Eye Popper and Railings only chances to know her off in my opinion.

    Anyone here ever bought a racehorse? How did it go and how much of a good investment is it? Thinking of getting involved...one day.

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    Yes got involved in a syndicate once beatifull looking manure machine i fed money in one end and well my garden grew well. She did race but best was midfield in the country dont even know what happened to her great fun though like all things if you get the right one its really good i suppose never found out lol

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    Thanks for the calc.

    In the end I have gone for a

    5-9-9 Trifecta $280.
    Happy to see all I have in the first leg have been mentioned here.

    Think this is a great way to have a punt when you know bugger all about hourse racing.

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    Bottom line is if you havent the money to lose then dont gamble at all. imo invest it wisely

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    Just for curiosity sake does anyone have the results of the last 10 trifectas? Or is there a website that you could obtain what they paid and how many horses ran and then we can do some maths and see if it is indeed the odds are stacked in your favour or not. Would be a good exercise me thinks.

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    I love it how everyone becomes a horse racing expet around this time of year.

    Im backing vinnie roe

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    Default Re: Melbourne Cup

    I'm with you, go the roe.

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