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    Default Aquaponics

    Hi all,

    I have just started to look into this and it seems of a good combo of hydroponics and aquaculture for the backyard.

    I know one other member (Sails I think) already has a set-up. Does anyone have any experience with it? Costs, time, products etc

    Just in my early stages of research

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    Default Re: Aquaponics

    Quote Originally Posted by prawn_86 View Post
    Just in my early stages of research

    From what I understand this is Rolls Royce of backyard garden.

    I read some web pages and must say that it is quite complicated as there are 2 living areas:
    Hydroponic garden that uses nutrient from the fish quarters
    Aquarium that benefits from oxygen added by aeration and filtration of fish waste.

    In this arrangement pH is big deal as well as concentration of nutrient for plants.

    I almost got the impression that it could be easier to have 2 separate systems, and I think that I saw some web pages with systems separated.

    I kept few Internet addressees that I really enjoyed to read, but as usual cannot find it now.
    Luckily simple search can bring hundreds of results, so matter of ploughing through the material.

    Are you contemplating to incorporate prawns in your system?

    Found one Web page:

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    Default Re: Aquaponics

    Hi Prawn,

    Not sure if you can get to this link without registering at the site. If it doesn't work I can put you in touch with the writer.


    They've modified an old shed for their system, and scavenged many of the parts. Total cost to date is less than $3000. I'm sure it's possible to spend a lot more: like most backyard projects the cost VS time VS skill balance depends on the people involved.

    I presume you've already found http://www.backyardaquaponics.com/forum/index.php

    I love the idea of aquaponics but for now I'm busy getting our chook-centred food production system fully established

    Good luck with it. I'll be interested in your progress.

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