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    Default ACCC - Toothless Tigers?

    I keep hearing constant mumblings from the ACCC on various topics but do they ever actually do anything other than state the bleeding obvious.

    Have they ever actually corrected any of the issues they have found ?

    Anyone who has ever spent any time in Sydney Airport would surely be aware of the fact that apart from being one of the most inefficient airports in the southern hemisphere they are also the most expensive, do we really need a department full of expensive bureaucrats to tell us what we already know ?

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    Default Re: ACCC - Toothless Tigers?

    They are obviously toothless and never do a thing, but personally i do think they are hamstrung by being under-resourced and not having proper legislation backing them up.

    Its the govs attempt to show people they actually want to stop collusion etc, but as long as co's are making profits they dont actually care

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    Default ACCC again

    They make noises every so often and around reporting time when big boys report big profit...
    Seriously these guys do jack to competition, all they do is chest beating and beat up mum and dad shop


    Probably start up another endless inquiry and then some where, some times it just
    disappear and they start another inquiry in a few years time
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