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    Default Futures Markets (not US)

    The threads related to the HSI have me intrigued.

    As I understand it, 10k would not be enough capital to begin trading the HSI but I'd still like to look into others, particularly anything that isn't US because of the trading hours.

    Can anyone recommend a futures market I can start researching/paper trading that will be at least a "little" friendly to an account of 10k.

    My live trading experience thus far for the last 18 months has been Forex and a little bit of the ES in the beginning. Futures appeal to me and I'm ready to do all the homework on particular markets, I just need a little nudge in the right direction.

    What mini markets/indexes are volatile enough these days? Again, preferably non US markets.

    Perhaps this could also serve as a thread to discuss your current experiences with particular futures markets.

    Much appreciated!


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    Default Re: Futures Markets (not US)

    No one has anything to share?

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    Default Re: Futures Markets (not US)

    You'll probably get more help with this sort of question (the sort that can be answered with 3 seconds of googling) in the Beginner's Lounge.

    Aside from the US futs complex, you could trade on ICE, LIFFE or SFE, if you don't like the HKFE.
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    Default Re: Futures Markets (not US)

    The problem with Googling is that the information is largely dated. I also want input specifically from Australians. I have the same question posted on a US forum to gain their perhaps alternative perspective.

    I want specific direction that is up to date as the market is constantly changing. Information I may find through Google could be 2 years old.

    Thanks for your share though.

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    Default Re: Futures Markets (not US)

    Depends what you want to trade ? Plenty of markets in Europe, for Indexís Could try the Dow Jones Euro stox 50, it US$10 per point and does big volume, then thereís the Dax, FTSE or Cac 40.

    Many Commodityís trade nearly 24 hours these days, look at any of the Crude Oil contracts, Light Sweet, Brent or WTI, then thereís Natural Gas, donít know why you donít want to consider the US ?, many markets there are also nearly 24hours including currency futures which are highly liquid, thereís 5 contracts there alone that do plenty any time of day including the $A.

    Heres a link to one exchange that operates nearly 24 hours with good volumes in many markets, its ICE


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    Default Re: Futures Markets (not US)

    Thank you very much.

    I was actually trading the euro and the aussie mostly when I was trading forex so I will check out their futures markets out as well.

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