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    Are there any Options Analysis software that I can purchase or get for free. I am currently using optionetics platinum. I have also used hubb optiongear. I use it mainly to find volatility in options under different expiry. I am looking to find similar ones for the ASX market so that I can trade options in the ASX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diggs1 View Post

    Would this do? Runs in Excel.
    License is $75 one-off.
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    Free - Option Oracle and Option Strategy Builder


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    Question Options Analysis Software

    Just started using Options Oracle (free) as an alternative to Hoadley trading ASX equity and index options.

    Oracle does not calculate the XJO correctly (it is out by 10x). Anyone heard of a fix?

    Anyone using any other software with an ASX feed to trade ASX options?



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