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    Default What tools do people use for this?

    I hope someone here in the same situation as me and have a solution.
    I want to track my performance against various index but I don't know what software or tools can do what I want.

    1. I buy share on a regular basis each pay 40-50% get taken out of my hand and sit in an investment account waiting for the day to go to a good business at the right price ... Nothing stop that motion not GFC, not War or worldly events as long as the exchange open and the price is right I buy

    2. The dividend also get reinvested, not via DRP but to my account and I work out how to allocate that capital.

    3. 80% of my capital lock in good business for a long time, 20% I use to trade in in and out... this ratio grow with the size of the portfolio, for example 400K portfolio has 80K to trade and 320K to stocks and if it goes to 1 mil
    200K get allocate for trading 800K get lock in long term business

    I want to be able to track my performance on a yearly basis taken into account
    the extra capital I put in along the way like Dividend, Extra capital from each month and trading profit which eventually get lump in as part of extra capital toward more long term stocks.

    without any hard graph I can roughly see I compound around 12-15% return a year on the whole portfolio but I want to graph it properly and track it

    Is this possible?
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    Default Re: What tools do people use for this?

    Hi ROE

    I just came across this thread and was trying to accomplish the same thing. Did you work out how to do it?

    I haven't been able to account for additions and disposals without wild swings and distortions in my graphs. Ideally I would like to plot it against a benchmark, ie ASX 200 Accumulation Index or similar. As uncle Warren says if you don't measure yourself then you are kidding yourself (or something along those lines...).

    ps I enjoy reading your posts

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    Default Re: What tools do people use for this?

    If anyone is still interested I found a helpful blog with a draft excel doc that allows comparison of portfolio performance and the benchmark. It usefully shows how to account for additions, sales and dividends.


    Happy days

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