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    Default NSW Labor in Ecstasy Trouble

    Kim Beasley Snr. famously said in the 70's that the ALP used be composed of the cream of the Working Class but had been replaced by the dregs of the Middle.

    I wonder if her were alive, what he would make of NSW Labor this weekend.

    Talk about a death wish. This is an ex-parrot, sorry party.

    And he is Chief of Staff to the Roads Minister.

    Do any ALP minister's partners have ordinary jobs, where they have to pay ordinary taxes, medicare and flood levies, and a mortgage, and can't afford the luxury of drugs?


    Verity Firth's husband charged with drug possession
    January 29, 2011 - 5:00PM

    NSW Education Minister Verity Firth has revealed her husband has been charged with drug possession.

    Matthew Chesher has resigned from his job as chief of staff to NSW Roads Minister David Borger. It is believed he was allegedly found in possession of one ecstasy tablet.

    "Last night my husband, Matthew Chesher, was arrested by the Pyrmont police and charged with minor drug possession," Ms Firth said in a statement today.
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    "My husband has admitted to making a very big mistake.

    "He co-operated fully with the police, was charged and was released."

    This morning he resigned his employment with immediate effect, she said.

    "I am angry, hurt and very disappointed," she said.
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    Default Re: NSW Labor in Ecstasy Trouble

    Not usually prone to the curt remark,
    but the ecstasy (non drug-induced) will come after March when the NSW ALP will be 'pining for the fjords'.

    Verity Firth is an inner city Left-factional. Despite this handicap, she actually seems reasonably competent, hard-working and sincere. She will be genuinely livid with her husband, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes.

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    Default Re: NSW Labor in Ecstasy Trouble

    Yet another example of how the "War on Drugs" blatantly is not working

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    Default Re: NSW Labor in Ecstasy Trouble

    What will it take for the people of NSW to vote out this government?

    It smells to high heaven.

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    Default Re: NSW Labor in Ecstasy Trouble

    Come on guys, now tell the truth, if you was in the NSW ALP, how many tabs of ecstasy would you need, I know I would need more that one a day with a job like that.

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