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    Hi all,

    New to the forum but I've been lurking around/learning rapidly since joining, so first of all thanks to all the contributors

    Noticed that this stock has not been discussed here which surprised me. I am new and don't know much, but fundamentals seem good to me - eg ROE 52.5, and zero debt. The company has a name out there and management seem responsible, judging by the balance sheet which seems pretty good.
    As a bonus, perhaps in the short term NCK will get a boost from the demand caused by the floods.

    On the flipside, I feel NCK's results may be very dependent on volatile factors such as interest rates and housing sales. Also NCK is expanding this year, so I don't know what effect that is going to have as it may change things a lot.

    Considering a buy but just wanted to see what others thought? I have ordered Valu.able but haven't yet received it, would love to run Roger's calculations on this one.


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    Hey Billy B,

    I was also surprised to see that no one had replied to your email!! Presently the stock is trading on a P/E of 14 with a dividend yield of 4.6%, with a strong buy recommended by Moelis Australia Securities.

    Will it be third time lucky for the stock to close above the $2.70 mark - time will tell.


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