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    Default Brokers and data for Asian markets?

    Anyone know of online brokers and data sources (including historic data) for some of the Asian markets? Specifially I'm thinking of Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore - although possibly China as well.

    I see HSBC Online Stockbroking, which I use here, supports Hong Kong and Singapore, but apparently not Japan and China. And I don't know where I'd get the data from.



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    Default Re: Brokers and data for Asian markets?

    Brokers I don't know about buut you can get the history and daily update from Justdata

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    Default Re: Brokers and data for Asian markets?

    Thanks, Kaveman.

    They have HK & Singapore, but I didn't see Japan.


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    Default Re: Brokers and data for Asian markets?

    Japan securities are also in the free egoli prochart software, however you don't seem to be able to save the OHLC data to file for backtesting.

    You could try looking around MDSnews.com for ohlc data (where prochart downloads data from), or you could try seeing if you can read the prochart cache data.

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    Default Re: Brokers and data for Asian markets?

    Hi GP,
    Did you have any luck of finding data for all the asian markets including Japan?

    Cheers Mick

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