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    Incremental Oil and Gas Ltd (IOG) is a producing oil and gas company whose strategy is to identify and acquire underperforming oil fields and to increase production and recoveries.

    The focus of IOG's activity is onshore California. IOG has secured four projects:
    • Sheep Springs producing oilfield
    • Round Mountain development project
    • Guijarral Hills development project
    • Raven Pass exploration project


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    With the qtrly coming this week , this may well move along steadily . It seems to achieve , and could be similar to other oilers in California with growth in 2012.

    They plan 10+ wells in 2012 , and have cash, plus options well within the money .

    They have the usual hold-ups as the oiler exploration and frac industry is working to full capacity atm....hence delays in completions etc.,.

    They have to wait their turn , but have resources booked . Mar Qtr will see some more achievements .

    On watchlist as from today ..... hard to buy stock

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