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    Hey guys.

    Quick question to anyone who has knowledge of working on a trading desk. I was looking through job descriptions and wanted some clarification on some of the duties performed. The below description is taken from a trading desk job.

    "In Trading, you help senior traders cover institutional accounts and make markets in your groupís particular range of products. You will assist the senior traders in managing risk, liquidity and exposure and you may support all aspects of the trading desk: pre-trade analysis, research on index constituent changes, inbound and outbound trade processing and the design of optimal strategies for large trades. Tracking supply and demand, you constantly evaluate market developments in order to give clients accurate product information."

    Now obviously if you were accepted for a role like this they would offer training but I am still curious as to what some of these mean. From what I understand all that the description is saying is you keep up to date, analyse potential trades and process them...which just sounds exactly like what all of us do when trading ourselves (which makes sense).

    I suppose what I'm really asking is if there is anything more someone looking to enter a trading desk should be aware of? Also if there is anyone here who has worked on a trading desk would it be something you recommend? Pros/cons etc?


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    It isn't as glamourous as they would have you believe.

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