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    Hi guys,

    First post is just to ask where do I download egoli pro charts. I have seen a few people on here mention that it is a good service, but I can't find where to download it from on google. Each link just takes me to a dead end.

    Thanks in advance

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    Just Google "Pro Charts Egoli"

    Link comes straight up, easy & quick to dowmload.

    I use Pro Charts and Hubb, for charting, both free versions.

    I also have incredible charts, but dont use it much.

    Both (free versions) have pros/cons....

    No fibs on hubb

    No pitchfork on Pro Charts

    Pro Charts are easier to post a chart on forums though


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    Default Re: Pro Charts by Egoli

    I can't find it either, can you please provide a link?

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    Default Re: Pro Charts by Egoli

    I did google it, but all I find is links to Shaw stockbroking which has no sign of pro charts and requires to me to sign up to a account.

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    Default Re: Pro Charts by Egoli

    I agree.
    Egoli just takes you to Shaw Stockbroking, and they ask you to sign up.
    Can't find a link to downloading charts.
    Must be missing something.
    Currently using Incredible Charts but would like a look at Egoli

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    No luck either.

    Just found egoli.com.au/ which has no mention of charts that you can create/use!
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