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    Default MPH - Magna Pacific, a Smurf Stock

    This litle company that specialises in marketing CDs, DVDs and similiar. They have the rights to Smurfs, Mutant Teenage Ninjas among others. I thought Smurf might be interested.

    The price has dropped markedly (overreacted) to the CEOs warning that profit would be less next year. I bought in recently after the drop.

    They sold off an asset last year that caused a one off increase in profit.
    Next year the PE ratio will increase to around 7.5. They have been successful in achieving growth in the past and I like the management. They have no debt.

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    Default Re: MPH - Magna Pacific

    They have risen 20c in the last 6 months, can anyone see them rising much further? Personally I can't see a huge potential for growth in Magna as DVD production is only going to decline in the future with the introduction of blue-ray.

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    Default Re: MPH - Magna Pacific

    Don't know if you realise, but MPH are currently the subject of a takeover offer via scheme of arrangement from Destra (DES) at either 0.38 or 1 DES + 0.15 per MPH share which equates to 0.50 total at today's prices.

    So clearly the upside in both the short term and long term is linked to the performance of Destra.

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    Default Re: MPH - Magna Pacific

    16 M + shares crossed this morning and SP up 15% to 0.55.

    I sniff something new in the wind. Anyone with additional insight?

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