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    Default Online Broker charting vs. Charting Packages?

    Who uses what ?

    I use only my online trading charts at HSBC and some free charting sites.
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    Default Re: Online Broker charting vs Charting Packages

    Quote Originally Posted by Snake Pliskin
    Who uses what ?

    I use only my online trading charts at HSBC and some free charting sites.
    Online charting sux IMO.

    If anyone is fair dinkum abou tech analysis, Amibroker or metastock or similar is a must.

    I use amibroker pro with esignal.

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    Default Re: Online Broker charting vs Charting Packages

    Amibroker for me.

    I used to use Ezycharts years ago.


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    Default Re: Online Broker charting vs Charting Packages

    AmiBroker for me too.

    Started with the free version of FCharts, but AmiBroker is heaps better and not expensive (relative to many other packages).


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    Default Re: Online Broker charting vs Charting Packages

    I use amibroker. I have ezycharts as well. Cant say I recommend ezycharts; too expensive for what it does. Amibroker is by far and away better but it did take me a while to learn how to use. Unless youre a programmer youll probably never stop learning more stuff you can use, and theres always new stuff being thought up for it.


    (Thank you to the renowned authors who recommended this crap! Payola?)

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    Default Re: Online Broker charting vs Charting Packages

    What about Market Analyst? I attended a "Share Safe" seminar during the week and they were promoting Market Analyst.

    Anybody have strong views against it?
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    Default Re: Online Broker charting vs Charting Packages

    Happy Australia Day Everyone

    Below is a reply I posted to a similar questions over at www.stockmeetingplace.com

    Hi MadRed,

    Until recently, when my annual data subscription expired, I had been using Quicken's ShareAnaylser charting software with its inbuilt scanner. I am happy to use Comsec's advanced charting for now.

    Now before anyone has a go at me for using SA, let me state that I am an investor whose main priority nowadays is income and so I am not a day or short term trader and so I don't need all the bells and whistles that some of the much more expensive software might have.

    Anyway, back to your original query MadRed, SA has end of data data available for download from 6:30pm EDST and data-on-demand (DOD) available intra day but the DOD is 20 mins delayed. I used to use SA's inbuilt scanner quite a bit and it, like all scanners I suppose, can easily check for gap up/down on historical data. I never used the scanner on the intraday DOD data and so unfortunately I cannot confirm whether the scanner will work on DOD or not. Also I only used to use DOD on a chart by chart basis when I was looking at a specific stock. I don't know if you can download all the DOD for the ASX in one hit.

    If interested, the best thing to to would be to go to the www.quicken.com.au website and send them an email.

    Good luck.....and just as a side note, I'll post below a copy of my thoughts on SA I posted on another site in case you're looking for a complete charting software system



    Hi ann

    I hope you manage to find this post in reply to your query in Other Business.

    I have been using Quicken's ShareAnalyser charting software for a while now.
    It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that some of the more expensive packages have, but being an investor and not a trader, I don't need them either.

    Imo the line drawing tools, indicators available (about 20 or so of the most common ones), full screen mode for displaying charts are excellent.

    All the indicator settings and line drawing features are fully user customisable if you don't like the defaults.

    The data provider is Hubb (in Sydney I think). End of day data is available for downloading from 6:30pm EDST.

    SA also has an inbuilt scanner which allows you to scan for stocks using user defined scan criteria like looking for stocks that have fallen 10% in a specified time frame or whose moving averages have crossed etc etc. You don't have to know any computer programming to set up the scan criteria. It's all point and click.

    So unless one is a serious full time trader (and even if one is), I can highly recommend at least having a look at SA as an option if looking for charting software. It's a lot cheaper than some of the so-called 'Rolls Royce' software are and with at least 80% of their features imo.

    Yes, the chart I posted displayed the Fib's for the Mar03 - Sep05 uptrend, 3 and 10 day moving averages and the MACD and Stochastic indicators which are the main indicators I use on charts.

    So, in keeping with my philosophy to KISS I thought why pay for a Rolls Royce when a mini-minor will easily meet my needs

    If you would like more info, maybe have a look at




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    Default Re: Online Broker charting vs Charting Packages

    I'm just using incredible charts atm .. and will probably buy it sicne its so cheap.. i like it mainly cause it updates every hour..

    I found a version of metastock but i couldnt figure out how to get it to automatically update.. how does that work do you guys pay for a data feed as well?

    Sanfords uses an integrated metstock??

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    Default Re: Online Broker charting vs Charting Packages

    I am a Westpac broking customer and the charting tool they provide is very basic (shocking IMO). At the moment, I am using incredible charts and will have a look on Amibroker since a few of you guys mentioned about it.

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    Default Re: Online Broker charting vs Charting Packages

    Does anyone use, trialled or have comments on eSignal Advanced GET Real time software and data feed package?

    Have been looking at an alternative to WebIress (which is a poor joke of an excuse for a package to hock to traders - it's a simple broking desk package - and charge rip-off price for it).

    Advanced GET is not cheap but in the overall context of high-end charting packages it is reasonable. For a US package they do have "local" support. I have looked at alternatives but it seems that for "bang-for-buck" it goes close to being the best ... based on the info I've seen so far. The alternative is Metastock or AmiBroker and .... (?). I have a personal preference for Metastock as I've used the EOD version for many yearsbut from a demo I've seen it isn't in the league of Adv.GET. I have no experience with AmiBroker.

    Would be interested in others views, preferences and experiences.

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    Default Re: Online Broker charting vs Charting Packages


    I went to a man financial seminar on the weekend and the presenter, david vassallo, said that esignal and adv get was the best in the marketplace.

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    Default Re: Online Broker charting vs Charting Packages

    Can I use Metastock 8/9/10 or AMIbroker and use my commsec live data account instead of Protrader2, as it becomes unstable every time the improve it....sea-saw development team.....

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