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    Hi guys,

    Im to share trading, as i refused to believe that you can actually make money with these things, and have always invested in property and businesses that arent listed (for which i can buy the whole thing or at least 50%).

    After meeting some people which overseas on business, i thought id give it a go and research a few companies. I invested quite a bit into aussie stocks and have seen a 80% ROI since december 2010 (still having trouble believing this) - BKP had a big part to play in this, as did RER today..

    I spend alot of time reading forums and announcements and have a few questions id like to throw at you guys.

    Im currently using the westpac system for my trading.

    1. When looking at the course of sales, how do i know how many shares were bought and how many were sold each day?

    2. Crash course on interpreting charts off the westpac website?

    3. what does "spud" mean?

    Although they may be silly questions, your help is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Quote Originally Posted by ivanvee View Post
    Hi guys,

    3. what does "spud" mean?
    Hi ivanvee,

    Pretty good description with diagram here:


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