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    Hi All,

    I'm interested in learning about TA & trading and was wondering if you guys could offer some suggestions.

    My goal would be to develop & test a profitable system for trading (manual, not automated) using EOD data. My rough outline of how I envision things would work is that an AmiBroker scan might throw up potential trades, which I would review manually, determine 1R, position size, etc. and then optionally enter the trade through an online broker. Stops reviewed daily on opening positions.

    Does that sound feasible as a broad outline, or am I missing something important?

    Where I am now:
    I've read Tharp's "Trading Your Way to Financial Freedom" plus some stuff by Elder.
    My background is in software development, so I'd be keen to learn how to use AmiBroker for backtesting etc.
    Finally, I'm in no hurry. Happy to spend the next year or more reading, learning Amibroker etc. while I save some starting capital.

    So, to questions:

    Which books would you recommend, both on system development in general and also as an intro to using Amibroker for system development/testing?
    Tharp recommends the two Market Wizards books for general reading and also LeBeau's "Computer Analysis of the Futures Markets". Anyone read LeBeau's? Is it likely to be over the head of someone with little market experience?

    Which markets are suitable for EOD-style trading, or does it not particularly matter?
    Are Forex & CFD more complicated than stocks or do the same principles apply?

    Anything else I should be reading or looking at?

    Sorry, I realise this is getting quite broad - bit of an information gathering approach!


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    Have you worked your way through all of the Beginners' Lounge?
    Most of the questions you are asking will be asked and answered there.

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    Yep, got most of what I need now.

    Should have done that first

    thanks Julia.

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