I currently trade through Commsec margin lending - probably 2 - 3 times per month. Part of my portfolio is buy and hold with the rest being buy and sell within a 2 - 6 week window.

I'm thinking of heading overseas on a GAP year or two and doing some volunteer work. I would be looking to continue trading electronically at least on a weekly basis. I'm curious as to how people manage SRNs etc when you have no fixed address? Eg, at present after I settle a trade I receive a CHESS statement in the mail with all the details of the trade and also some paperwork to provide my TFN, bank account for dividends etc. I then jump onto computershare investor centre to provide these details rather than posting the paperwork back. In turn I receive dividends in my bank account.

I'm curious as to what the process is if I didn't have a fixed address and thus was not able to update my details via the investor centre. Any advice would be most appreciated~!