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    Default IB Pattern Day Trader?

    I understand that a pattern day trader has to have 25k worth of equity in their account. Is this for Australian users of IB as well or just Americans??

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    $10k was the minimum when I opened an account.

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    $10K to open an account and trade but if you day trade you will need $25K its on their web site

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    Pretty sure its the law in the U.S. to have that in the account. its obviously not here but IB might just have it as a general policy unless of course you need it there to trade U.S stocks.

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    Guys this is the deal.

    Min funds to open account $10,000 USD

    Min Funds to trade anything $2,000, below this your account doesn't work and is eventually closed by IB

    Minimum to day trade US based stocks for residents and foreigners is $25,000. This applies to US stocks only. Not FX, Futs, oppies etc.

    You can day trade any other market, for example ASX stocks, UK stocks, US futs, etc as long as you have $2000 USD in your account.
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