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    Question Small Cap Investment Torrent Stocks

    Hi, I have been reading a lot about the above, which apparently made a lot of money in 2009, is there anybody that invested with them thru Australian Small Cap Investment, if so can you let me know if this is genuine? I am corresponding with Kris Sayce of Money Morning. Your advice would be really appreciated, he is predicting quantative easing to take place in USA soon.
    thanks in advance

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    I have subscribed to the Small Cap Investment Newsletter, and are yet to see much about torrent stocks. I have reseached the archives and in the last twelve months the recommendations have been excellent with many up 50% and some as much as 200%. There were a few duds but mainly positive.

    I get the impression the torrent stocks is a marketing ploy, but time will tell.

    I also get the Dillers and Diggers and Wealth Game Plan and they also look OK
    I'm free to bore my well-bought friends and spend my cash until the end - Iggy Pop

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