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    Why would someone have bought ONE (1) share at 62 cents? The company is PCG and the pre-open bid was actually 64 cents. But one share????

    Any ideas?

    Ghoti (puzzled)
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    The last share of a partially filled order from yesterday?

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    It would almost certainly be a broker doing a crossed or overnight trade.

    They have to enter the trade into SEATS so that it gets into the system so they usually put 1 share on the market depth to secure their spot in the queue. Parodoxically despite the 1 it's often a large parcel.

    Anyway it's just a technicality.


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    Most of the times 1-share trade doesn’t take place, unless they forget to remove it.

    What really surprises me is when 1 share order is reversed with (–1) share and both are recorded, they bother to do it and all is acceptable.

    Would be nice if there is 1 queue thou, but not any time soon.

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