Have come upon this little diamond, WSS. Was floated in 2000 and has been severly punished in light of the tech wreck of those former years falling from around $1.00 to a nadir in mid 2002 of a miniscule $0.04. However, since then, the stock has formed a strong ascending triange accumulation pattern, with resistance established at $0.145 at two major points. September this year however, has brought upon a break of this resistance backed with huge volume. Since then the stock has rallied in a number of weeks to $0.22, however before buying I am waiting for a slight pull back. The fundamentals of this stock are spot on, after having a look at the last annual report.

The next target would be around $0.52, the 50% retracement level from the float highs. One real positive of WSS is the increasing levels of volume in the last year and a half trading this stock, showing investors are beginning to like its story. One to think about anyway.