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    Default Customized NinjaTrader Indicators?

    I've been tinkering around with NinjaTrader for the last couple weeks, working on my trading strategy: where to pick entries, exits and so forth. I think I've got the hang of it, but would like a more automated way of finding my targets. I trade the E-Mini S&P, but swich to European currencies during periods of low volatilty.

    Assuming that I won't be able to find the perfect indicator for my style of trading, can you guys recommend any websites you've purchased indicators from that are effective? Or do you know of a website / service that will customize an indicator to my trading strategy? I found Ninja-Indicators.com and they probably offer something that works with the 15 indicator bundle. I can't really be bothered to learn programming. Cheers!

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    Go to big mikes day trading forum don't buy any indicators (heaps of free ones there)if you must join their elite section for $50US where you will have access to more indicators and I think you can get one written for free.
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    or even better..spend your time learning to trade with support/resistance and price/volume. Being dependent on multiple indicators will in the end just produce conflicting signals and confusion.

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