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    Question How do I sell stocks that were not bought through a broker?

    Hi there

    Hoping you can give me some advice my mother has some stocks which she has had for over 40 years and they were originally not bought through a trader. How can she sell them now if they are not affiliated with any trader ie.commsec, belldirect. Your advice is very welcome


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    If you look around on commsec you'll find a form to bring those shares over to commsec, other brokers would have the same thing.

    Issuer Sponsored Holdings to CHESS sponsorship form
    Complete this form if you wish Commonwealth Securities Limited (CommSec) to sponsor your existing Issuer Sponsored Holdings. An Issuer Sponsored Holding refers to shares that are not sponsored under CHESS with a broker, but by the Company issuing the shares (for example in a float or Initial Public Offering).

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    Etrade have a "Visitor Trade" link on their site. You do not have to become a member of Etrade. It's very simple.

    If in any doubt about what to do, just phone them and they will talk you through what to do.

    Do not go to a private, full service broker who will charge you many times the brokerage. Totally unnecessary.

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