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    If you remember Steve Tucker is the Canberra Public Servant who emailed 4000 fellow workers to try and make contact with "Olivia" who he had meet briefly. But what is the real story ? Check out the link below for a look into our collective hearts. Well, well worth the time.
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    B]The real Steve Tucker story[/B]

    November 30, 2010

    On Saturday I was down at the beach on patrol with my surf club and I checked my phone because I was expecting a message from my partner and saw there was an email in my inbox from Steve Tucker.

    At first I thought it was probably a practical joke, but then I started reading and thought "holy crap", mostly because I was so moved by what had been written, secondly because I was thankful I had removed my original post about Tucker last week, and lastly because 90 English tourists could have drowned, so fixated was I on my phone.

    If you don't know who Steve Tucker is, he's a Canberra public servant who wrote an email to 4000 colleagues trying to track down a woman named Olivia he'd met at a nightclub.

    The email went viral and ended up all over our nation's newspapers and websites where many people - like myself - made some huge judgments and assumptions about Tucker.

    Pretty much all of them were wrong ... so here's Steve's real story, in his own words, and if you're gonna read one thing to the end on the internet today, let it be this ...

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    Thats along storey.. I started reading it, then started skimming but didnt really seem to care.. Can you summarise it as to why it matters ? Thanks

    From what I can see the guy was scared to talk to girls for what ever reasons and this made it okay to abuse the work email.. I dont mind using the work email that is pretty cool but why a need to justify it with this dribble..

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    Neither Steve nor the SMH edited his work so it did ramble on a bit

    Short story ? Steve has cerebral palsy. As a result he has spent much of his life bullied and I suppose ridiculed. In the last couple of years he decided to take a stand and recreate his life - and start to take chances. To have a go when 9 out of 10 people would say give up.

    Deciding to chase Olivia was having a go.

    I think it really is worth the read as rambly as it is.. I think we can all be inspired by people having a go..


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    There is a follow up story in The Age today which neatly summarises the long follow up letter by Steve Parker. Thought the issue was summed up well by a person who responded to Steves comments.

    ''Mate, everyone has a disability. Just that some are more obvious than others. And most can hide theirs.''


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