Hi all,

I would just like to share with you my experience with internet company EFTel. A few years back friends and myself set up a small business. We joined a well run small ISP, the principals sold out to KeyPoint, Keypoint sold out to EFTel. After the numerous changes and a failing business, we cancelled our web service, EFTel refused to cancel the provision of virtual web space despite serving out a blank page once we had removed the content. EFTel have recently asked for nearly $200 in arrears from my previous venture's business partner. On attempting to reconcile this service they wasted half an hour of my time, we agreed that I would personally pay half the amount owing to clear any credit issues my friend may face. The paper trail EFTel had regarding the account was only a bunch of invoices they produced (no other actual records). They claimed defaulting would result in the account being referred to a debt collection agency. A businees that is run like this deserves no customers and no investors.

This also highlights the aquisition process, ie: aquiring of non-symbiotic business models as a practice for growing a business is commonly flawed.