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    Anyone holding Etrade? It has resisted the recent drops and according to 9msn's Investor service is undervalued.

    Are there any broker reports on this one?
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    ETR looks to be approaching a STRONG buy. Heavy resistance (weekly chart) at around $2.75 but from there upward and away. OBV supporting the stock very nicely and look at the steadily increasing volume over last two years. Something about this chart says that ETR is a top company. Pretty cheap as well on PE of around 13. I am definitely going to buy if they close the week around $2.80.

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    price run up could suggests either very good results forthcoming or target :
    Any comments anyone????

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    Etrade is cheap with very good growth expectation. In general its performance should be in line with ASX. But it looks like it has done a lot better by acquisition and organic growth.

    The discount brokers in US is traded around PE=17. Currently Etrade is at 14.

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    Offer of $4.05 by ANZ is obviously not going to cut it, given that the stock is currently trading at $4.10......

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    It is sad that another promising company is going to be taken out by big brothers. I have personal price target for this one at $5 within 24 month. I believe ACCC should take serious look at this kind of activity.

    Anyway, I sold it out, and move money to IWL, a company with similar business profile.

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