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    Default Computer build for traders

    Hello all I am doing some research on what traders want in there
    Computer builds or the main problems they have with there stock programs

    I have looked after one trader and seen some of the problem that he has had
    This research will go towards building a traders purpose system


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    Default Re: Computer build for traders

    I personally dont need much at all.
    The TWS for IB is amazing.
    Live data and a chart.
    Testing software is cheap Amibroker and Tradesim.

    Most complicate their requirements expecting their set up to perform better than the grey matter between their ears.

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    Compatability issues would be the main thing (avoid Vista!). Most applications and softwares have fairly low memory requirements. Some exceptions might be say..

    For serious number crunchers (eg. training neural networks), being able to optimize the utilization of multiple core processors, or across multiple PCs simultaneously.

    Something that might be handy for the trader with 5 screens running is an ability to monitor and alter processor and GPU cooling and performance.

    Making sure the power supply is adequate for all the stuff that's running. An upgrade of a few hundred watts made a huge difference to the performance of my pc at a fraction of the cost of RAM.

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    Default Re: Computer build for traders

    Hi Wilson;

    Firstly, I agree with Tech/A in that my trades are mainly based on Technicals.

    That aside, I would also contend that there are about as many "ideal" trading computers as there are traders. Among the group of traders that I have visited over the years, I have seen such a wide variety that I could not pinpoint much of a common solution. Some get by with a laptop, backed-up manually to a memory stick; at the other end, there is a husband-and-wife team that use 3 or 4 big machines, two Internet accounts, 8 large monitors, and a UPS.

    It there was a "common theme", the median would look something like this:
    Two PCs, one a 64-bit high-end box with i5 or i7 processor, 8GB of memory, and 2, maybe 4 monitors, running Windows 7; the other can be 32-bit with 2 or 4GB of memory, running Windows XP and one or two monitors. A high-speed wifi, of course encrypted, to link the two with one another and the www. For the absolute do-or-die emergency, get a laptop with a big battery (don't forget to keep it charged) and a separate wireless adaptor - I use Vodafone pre-paid - that ties you over in case of a local power failure or mishap on your regular broadband ISP.

    I have several reasons to suggest such a split:
    Install all your systems on both machines;
    some applications benefit from Win 7 on 64 bits, others don't even run well if it's not XP;
    mirror your live data; backup software can run in the background.

    That's about it, from my perspective.
    Artificial Intelligence is no match for Innate Stupidity.

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    Default Re: Computer build for traders

    hello to all thanks that is helping alot and has been what i have got from other users and there is thinks i can see work agian thanks and please keep adding informatian you think will help

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