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    Default Sickening - Father Stabs his 2 Year Old

    Sorry - just had to express my disgust, stories like this make me feel sick in the guts....

    Man remanded after body of two-year-old girl found near track near Campbellfield

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/body...#ixzz15dF0g600

    # Man charged with murder of daughter
    # Allegedly stabbed her multiple times
    # Remanded in custody to reapper in court

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    Default Re: Sickening - Father Stabs his 2 Year Old

    Pretty bad.

    So is this.


    I mean, what is wrong with these people?!?!?!?

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    Default Re: Sickening - Father Stabs his 2 Year Old

    Check the name out, of the bloke who stabbed his daughter

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    Default Re: Sickening - Father Stabs his 2 Year Old

    "Yep lets try and get this guy some rehab, maybe we can rehabilitate him into a normal state, u know every1 deserves a 2nd chance... the death penalty isnt the answer, yada yada fkn yada"

    My answer....... either a swift bullet place into the brain or a slow tortured painful death....... (i would prefer the latter in this case).

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    Default Re: Sickening - Father Stabs his 2 Year Old


    Not too different and maybe we have bigger problem that we think.
    Happy to be wrong.

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    Default Re: Sickening - Father Stabs his 2 Year Old

    All to common these days, men taking the lives of their children after separation. You hear these stories so many times I wonder if it contributes to the ongoing problem, people get desensitised.

    It reminds me of some suicide training I did, after a suicide the persons friends and other family members are also at risk of also taking their own lives. Wonder if the same applies to these men. They read about other blokes taking the lives of their kids and they repeat the action.

    Incredibly sad.

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    Default Re: Sickening - Father Stabs his 2 Year Old

    I knew somebody who's sister suffered extreme domestic violence and committed suicide and took her (and his) young child with her. What can happen in relationships sometimes makes people take an extreme leave of their senses.

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    Default Re: Sickening - Father Stabs his 2 Year Old

    A very very sad event and this guy should never see the light of day again as far as I am concerned.

    Having said the above one needs to keep perspective of the big picture.
    All to common these days, men taking the lives of their children after separation.
    It should not be tollerated, but the family law of Australia serverely needs an overhaul. The vast majority of time the fathers are locked out of their own childrens lives due to the biased nature of our current law, and the age old view of children should only be with their mothers. There are many stories just like this usually televised after midnight which are perpetrated by the mothers. Child abuse and cases just like this are only seen on face value, this should not be tollerated, period. But keep the big picture in mind. NOT ALL DADS ARE EVIL.

    My son was abducted by his mother who has many physcological related problems. I was very fortunate after spending many thousands of dollars and being accused of all sorts of acts, all of which were quashed, to receive 50/50 care, and it is working very very well, with the exception of the mothers muchousens and borderline personality dissorder.

    The big picture, and some real stats:

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    Default Re: Sickening - Father Stabs his 2 Year Old

    I agree with all above.

    And in another current case in the US, my heart breaks for this poor dead little Australian girl, unimaginable what she went through:
    US anger grows over killed little Aussie
    After disabled 10-year-old Australian girl Zahra Baker went missing in a small city in the foothills of North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, her family's former home became an impromptu memorial piled with stuffed animals and birthday cards.

    Now it sits with its front windows smashed by vandals, while frustrated residents complain that the investigation into her death is taking too long, even as increasingly bizarre and potentially damning revelations about Zahra's stepmother and father pile up...

    ..."Stepmom and daddy need to be in jail," one sign read, while another said, "God please let someone pay for this." Some time between Tuesday night and Thursday afternoon, vandals smashed most of the front windows.

    "I have kids, and I can't imagine how someone could do that," said Chasity Partin as she fought tears while visiting the memorial Thursday. "Everyone failed that child."

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    Default Re: Sickening - Father Stabs his 2 Year Old

    Yep, its very sad when you hear of these parents hurting their innocent children

    WestGate Bridge, the three boys in the dam, as well as others.

    Logique, I feel for that little girl in the US too. I was surprised that he was able to take his child to the US, so far away from the mother and the rest of the family. I have heard of cases where they have found it hard to move interstate, let alone overseas.

    I always thought they encouraged the other parents contact with the child while they are so young.

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