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    Hi Everyone,

    Does this merger make any sense ?

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    Yes, if this is about money for all. No, if you hate the Singapore PAP Government like the Greens and some other political Indie MPs.

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    well Aus govt is opposing it on national interest grounds so it
    I believe effort to be a finite resource. Something to be used only when there are no other options available.

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    Everyone is quiet on this subject - Now that it is a dead dog that is.

    ASX Ltd and Singapore Exchange Ltd (SGX) have agreed to terminate the merger implementation agreement after Treasurer Wayne Swan rejected the proposed takeover by SGX.

    ASX said the board still believed that the operator of the Australian Securities Exchange and ASX 24 should take part in regional and global exchange consolidation.


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    Lol, Wayne Swan did something right for once.
    Being owned by Singapore really takes the "Australian" out of ASX.

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