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    Default Software for research?

    At the moment I've just been using commsec.

    I just look at the top preformers for the day then see if theres been an annoucement, eg they found gold. Then I just jump on the band wagon.

    But commsec doesnt give me the ability to say search by a sector and put in specific paramters for increase in share price since last day etc...

    What softer has this ability?

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    Default Re: Software for research?

    Incredible Charts has a scanner that does what you ask.

    The free version has data delayed by 16hrs.

    Very easy to use

    More powerful alternatives include Amibroker,Bullcharts, Metastock

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    Default Re: Software for research?

    Add Pulse and MarketScan by Paritech
    and Market Analyser Professional by MDS Financial

    I use both, scanning after Market Close for candidates, then checking the resulting watchlist during Trading in real time.
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