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    Smile Best Real Time Charting Software?

    As a newbie was wondering what you consider to be the best real time charting software suitable to the Aust Equities market. Not too worried about options, futures etc.. Cost is not my main consideration just a reliable and quality program. Currently chasing my tail looking at all the consufing options.

    Your thoughts appreciated thanks.

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    Most of the guys in here like Amibroker (AB). One advantage is that if you use this forum, you can get help from some very experienced programmers and system traders who use the same platform.

    It took a while for me to learn how to use it, but if you're tech-savvy you may find it easy. They offer a free trial so that should be time enough to test it. Their online help is brilliant.

    The only other charting platform I've used is Bullcharts, which is very easy to use, but not nearly as feature packed. I haven't used it in years.

    Might also want to check out Stocks and Commodities Awards for 2010 - software. I have found their awards list very helpful in the past.

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