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    I'm an exploration geologist, have been for the part 4 years and I'm looking for a change. The markets interest me, and I have been studying them for the last two years fairly heavily.

    I now find myself at work trying to do valuations on how much a resource may be worth rather than looking at the rocks. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy geology, but something has drawn me to the markets.

    Does anyone know what my options may be for combining geology and finance together?

    Are there any geologists out there that have found a new career in day trading, financial analyst etc?

    Thank you

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    How has the career change gone? We are ooking to recruit a geologist wanting to change from geology into finance (this is not a recruitment company looking to recruit). What is your field of experience?

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    I found that you can combine other jobs for sure. I used to work daytimes in a retail clothing store, and found that most of the time I was checking my phone for the latest stock news, or updating my comsec account etc. When CFDs came up, it was brilliant. Exposure to international markets are fantastic and with CFDs you can access the ftse, dax, S&P etc with ease

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    Concentrate on your job, that is where the real money lies. Make yourself more valuable.
    Also, do an MBA and aim to get on the board of companies.

    How many rich CFD traders are there? Very few.

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