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    Is there any one who uses meta stock ..need some help please to populate quotecenter thanks

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    Default Re: Metastock help

    Hi all, its not related to the above post but related to the title.

    First up I'm so sorry to ask this, I know it has been asked before but I could not find an answer that suited the current date so I thought maybe something might of changed.

    I have a copy (v9) metastock, I know zero about how to set it up and use it, so take it easy on me guy's for asking the dumb questions.

    Re Data feed. I know there are a few companies that charge from about $300 for next day data to $500 + for intra-day.

    My question is, is there any way of loading free end of day or next day data in to it so I can use it that way or will I have to pay for one of the data companies feeds?

    Any help really appreciated.

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    Smile Re: Metastock help

    Hi Francisknight,

    If you are using an online broker, like one of the bank sites, then you
    will likely be able to download EOD data, from somewhere their website.
    This service is usually supplied free-of-charge, whilst you remain an
    online customer.

    Most present a choice of downloading EOD data for whole market or
    historical data for individual stocks, that may be readily converted to
    Metastock format, using "The Downloader."

    Hope this helps you, some .....

    have a great day



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