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    Centius Gold's projects are located in New South Wales and Queensland within established mining districts with long standing mines and proven mineral deposits.


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    Any Info on this one???

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    Capital Structure
    Market Cap: $3.8 million
    Shares on issue: 81,205,293 (41,510,293 escrowed)
    Percentage held by Directors: 53.91%
    Options on issue: 17,500,000 Exercise prices:
    -25 cents (expiry 30 June 2013)
    -40 cents (expiry 31 December 2013)
    Cash position: $2.35 million (as of May)

    Croydon-Homeward Bound
    •Company in final stages of negotiations surrounding access and compensation, drilling to commence ASAP.
    •Mapping and sampling completed during 2011 identified 147 old shafts, adits, and drives.
    •Surface and dump samples from the northern end of the Homeward Bound (see photo) completed. Only samples in excess of 10.0 g/t Au plotted.
    •CNS applied for a ML over this area in May 2011, possible grant in Q3 2012.
    •Core and RC drilling program aimed at confirming historic grades, structure, and deeper sulphide ore zones.
    •Possible second and third reef at depth, not tested.

    Bobo – Cascade
    •Aeromagnetic and radiometric survey completed in 2011.
    •Minor NW striking magnetic linear anomalies correlating with the gold deposits. Known deposits on kinks or off-sets on the linears.
    •Drill targets identified to be tested later in 2012.
    •Magnetic results (see image) identified previously unknown NW striking magnetic formation cutting the SW corner of EL7462.
    •Cascade extension ELA4388 was applied for to the cover the most magnetic formation.
    •Preliminary geochemical sampling, (rock chip, soil and soil MMI) completed over portions of the magnetic anomalies.
    •Anomalous suite of minerals possibly associated with ultramafic formations mapped.

    •Ground magnetic survey completed over CRAE copper soil geochemical anomaly.
    •Circular magnetic feature correlating with 200 ppm Cu anomaly (see centre of the image).
    •CRAE drilled the copper anomaly with a inclined 45o hole, DD92BA1 which TD 100m, bottom 18 m, 0.15% Cu. THE COPPER WAS OPEN AT DEPTH.
    •Centius plans to duplicate this hole with a core hole extending to 300 m.
    •Centius plans a second vertical hole at the same collar location to test the vertical extent of the copper mineralisation.

    •Centius completed a 7 hole air core drilling program testing “bulls eye” magnetic targets interpreted as possible Cadia type intrusive pipes.
    •The program intersected basement at 100 to 120 m depth.
    •Minimal or no bedrock alteration was noted.
    •There were no anomalous geochemical responses in bedrock.
    •JV partner sought for this project.

    •Total length of the prospect is approximately 2100m.
    •Mary's Dream and Toss of a Penny prospects have been detailed with grab rock sampling and geochemical soil sampling (BLEG, -20#).
    •Prospects were systematically drill tested with 20 inclined RCFH holes (MD001-20) for 1661m. The best intersections were:
     MD007: 1m @ 2.45g/t Au from 33m Mary's Dream Central
     MD008: 1m @ 1.01g/t Au from 37m, 1m @ 1.82g/t Au from 56m
     MD009: 1m @ 4.73g/t Au from 37m, 1m @ 1.09g/t Au from 48m
     MD017: 2m @ 3.62g/t Au from 40m Toss of a Penny North
    •The most prospective section of the prospect is Mary's Dream Central. This has an optimistic contained metal content of 100oz per vertical metre.

    •Previous BLEG surveys by Shell Minerals, located anomalous gold in the stream sediment samples in creeks draining the hills in the north-west of the tenement.
    •Image (right) of the Spiral tenement shows the uranium anomaly (red and yellow zones) to the north of the Bethungra Caldera.
    •Caldera is defined by the black line, the out rim of the magnetic response. Superimposed on the image are the rock chip geochemical sample locations, the red and gold stars correlating with the high yttrium.
    •These sample locations are being investigated as a possible rare earth element occurrence.

    •Aeromagnetic and radiometric survey completed.
    •Test area to the SE of Gympie, over known Devex Dyke, showed a coincident magnetic response.
    •Similar magnetic response interpreted in newly acquired data under the South Curra Limestone (blue hatched on map). This is the Dugdale target.
    •Queensland Government requested a voluntary abandonment of 14/15 of the tenement, as a result of political pressure from CSG activity.
    •MMI program planned to test the magnetic anomalies in the South Curra Limestone.

    •Review of the open file reports over the Turon tenement identified a 1530 g/t Au rock chip sample taken from the Dead Horse workings.
    •Geochemical samples confirmed an anomalous gold response over this portion of the reef.
    •Centius is currently drilling a 20 hole FHRC program along a 500 m section of the reef (see photograph).
    •Results from drilling program available during the next 30 days.
    •BLEG geochemical sampling program completed over the entire tenement

    •Preliminary assessment of the open file reports, plus previous production data allowed for a 50% reduction in the size of the tenement.
    •Recent reconnaissance mapping and sampling suggested difficulty accessing ground.
    •Airborne survey likely create excellent geo-scientific base on which to build exploration program.
    •Once tenement has been flown, data will be interpreted and preliminary follow up sampling completed.
    •Centius to decide whether to JV the tenement or continue the mapping and sampling program.

    •Tenement flown with detail magnetic and radiometric survey.
    •MMI soil geochemical program completed over the northern magnetic anomaly (red zone in adjacent image).
    •Regional copper high recorded over the eastern part of the magnetic anomaly.
    •Interpreted pull apart structure north of Allies Mine still to be investigated.
    •Extension of Green Hill mineralisation on the Ilabo block to the east was sampled.
    •Anomalous samples have been collected and these are currently being followed up.􀀘􀀘

    •Centius applied for the La-de-da lease EPM19340 (see attached image) to the east and north of Dittmer, Qld.
    •Main target in the tenement is a horse-shoe shaped range of hills to the SE of Dittmer, which had a coincident circular magnetic anomaly.
    •This included one of the few gold-copper deposits in the area.
    •Centius interpreted the circular feature as a possible collapsed caldera.

    Limited access to the tenement and the major portion being covered by Temora township, the decision was made not to reapply for the tenement, which was relinquished in January 2012.

    Scott Brown, B. Bus, M. Com – Scott has an extensive background in finance and the management of public companies. He is currently CEO of Real Energy and formerly CFO of Mosaic Oil. Scott was previously a director of Objective Corporation and an Executive with Allegiance Mining and Turnbull & Partners. He has also previously worked for Ernst Young and KMPG.
    John Slade, B. Sc (Hon) M. Sc, Member AusIMM – John has 40 years experience in mineral exploration in 18 countries with companies such as BHP Billiton, MIM and CRA . He was also involved in the discovery of Que River Mine.
    Robert McLennan, B. Sc, M. Sc, Fellow AusIMM – Robert has 40 years experience as a geologist with a strong track record for mineral discovery. He has worked for Conzinc Rio Tinto Australia Exploration, Mount Isa Mines and Walker Corporation, and was the founder of Robust Resources, Augur Resources, Pacific Island Gold, Range Resources, Dome Resources and Magma Mines.
    Mr Tiong Chiong Ee – B. Art,s B.Com – Tiong is an Executive Director of RH Mining Resources Ltd and RH Petrogas Limited.
    John Robson – B. Arts (Econ) - John is Managing Director with Ivory Capital Asia. Prior to joining Ivory, John Managing Director in the Capital Markets Groups at JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch in Asia.

    Centius Gold Appoints Peter Williamson as new CEO
    Sydney, 12 July 2012: Australian gold and base metals exploration company, Centius Gold Limited (ASX: CNS), today takes great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Peter Williamson as the Company’s new Chief Executive Officer following an extensive search and recruitment process.
    Mr. Williamson will take over from the current Managing Director Mr. John Slade, who will remain with the Company for a transitional period.
    Attached Images
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    "You have enemies? Good. That means that you've stood up for something, sometime in your life" - Winston Churchill

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    On June 5th, 2014, Centius Gold Limited (CNS) changed its name and ASX code to Ardent Resources Limited (AWO).

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    On March 31st, 2016, Ardent Resources Limited (AWO) changed its name and ASX code to IOT Group Limited (IOT).

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    I bought some last week, in anticipation of a Darvas breakout.
    Still highly speculative, especially given the history of band wagon hops.
    Could be either 3rd time lucky, or Dot-Com deja vue all over again.

    IOT o 20-06-16.png
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    Default Re: IOT - IOT Group

    Quote Originally Posted by pixel View Post
    I bought some last week, in anticipation of a Darvas breakout.
    Still highly speculative, especially given the history of band wagon hops.
    Could be either 3rd time lucky, or Dot-Com deja vue all over again.
    I usually avoid trading stocks like these... you know this is the eventual chart pattern, so it's very hard to go long with confidence.


    Flying selfie stick... this had a market cap almost $100m at one stage

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    Unfortunately it will settle at 2.5 cents whilst traders are playing with it👍

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