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    Post AYM - Australia United Mining

    Altius Mining Limited (AYM) is an emerging gold production and exploration company committed to the discovery, development and mining of economically viable mineral resources.


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    From Prospectus for Altius Mining;

    Strong Leadership, Experienced Board & Senior
    • The Board and Management Team have extensive and relevant
    industry experience in resource exploration, development and
    mining management.
    Gold Focus • The primary focus of Altius is gold production, exploration and
    mine development.
    Production, Exploration & Development Capabilities • Gold production from Forsayth, QLD post IPO.
    • Additional open cut development of gold mines from its Sofala,
    Karangi, and Gowulma-Gunners tenements, NSW.
    • Exploration advanced on NSW tenement portfolio
    Strategic Regional Position • Company holds over 3,000 km² at Forsayth and NSW with targets
    in highly prospective and established world class mining districts.
    Existing Gold Processing Plant • Gold processing plant at Forsayth is near completion.
    • Initial capacity of 100t/day for gravity recovery and 60t/day for
    fl otation.
    • Verifi ed 96% gold recovery
    • Signifi cant expansion capacity
    Resources and Targets* • Altius has, as set out in the Independent Geological Report,
    the following resources at it's Forsayth tenements in QLD: an
    indicated resource of 10,000t @ 10g/t Au and inferred resources
    of 69,000t @ 4.2g/t Au: 16,300t @ 31.0g/t Au: 34,000t @ 14.0g/t
    Au and 11,000t @ 18.9g/t Au: and an inferred resource at it's
    Sofala tenement in NSW of 4.6Mt
    @ 1g/t.
    • Immediate mineralisation targets based on historical data and
    recent Altius work of 3M – 4Mt @ 8-10 g/t Au at Forsayth, QLD:
    4M – 5Mt @ 4-6 g/t Au at Sofala, NSW: 200,000t – 500,000t @
    3-6 g/t Au at Karangi, NSW.

    Anyone done any reading on this yet? First glance ?

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    Default Altius - AYM

    hi folks
    Any one keeping interest in AYM ?
    It is a new interesting IPO
    Company Name : Altius Mining Limited
    Phone : 1300 136 453
    Website : http://www.altiusmining.com.au
    Synopsis :

    Altius is an emerging gold production and exploration Company focused on the discovery, development and mining of its primary assets in Far North Queensland (FNQ) and New South Wales (NSW).

    Open Date : 14 Sep 2010
    Close Date : 5 Oct 2010
    Float Date : 21 Oct 2010
    Proposed Exchange/Ticker : AYM
    Issue Price : 0.2
    Amount Sought : 15000000
    Shares Issued : 75000000
    Market Cap : 52000000


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    Miner :
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    they don't seem to be floated yet ? ?

    Key DatesAllotment of New Shares 19 November 2010
    Despatch of shareholder statements 24 November 2010
    Estimated date for ASX quotation 1 December 2010
    this is what their website says....
    do you know anything much about them?

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    Default Re: AYM - Altius Mining

    There seems to have been a delay in this companies float, does anyone know why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maroun View Post
    There seems to have been a delay in this companies float, does anyone know why?
    I suspect there were too many committed application through the brokers with no real money attached. Few cancellations were done at the last moment too.
    That way my guess is the IPO was undersubscribed and the brokers are trying to get more fund
    Miner :
    All sellers are inevitably, and by the meaning of the word, buyers so DYOR .

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    Had this one on my watch list for upcoming floats, seems to have dropped significantly from the .20c offering. Price down to 7c per share now. Went through the financial report and income has been reduced from nearly 3 million to 500k? Anyone done any research into this company?

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    Interesting day today, AYM dropped 23.08% down to $0.06 per share which equals its 52 week low from earlier in the year. Any ideas on the sudden drop?? The most recent announcements briefly mention a supreme court hearing initiated by a number of shareholders. I like this company, they look to have a strong growth strategy coupled with plenty of exploration and development projects in both QLD and NSW. Anybody else watching this one?

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    This is looking bad!

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    Announced that they have initiated their IP survey at Forsayth today, results should be interesting and out in the next few weeks

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    On September 29th, 2014, Altius Mining Ltd changed its name to Australia United Mining Limited.

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