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    Default Favorite StockCharts and Brokerage Firms for the ASX

    Hey Guys,
    I'm used to the states and the market there. I use freestockcharts.com, and scottrade.com (brokerage firm).

    Wondering what the equivalent is here in aus, since I'm here, and about to dive back into the swing of things.
    Just always helps when people give you a boost into getting into the swing of things.

    But why just make it about that right (too easy a question right)? Lets add some fun, and say whats the craziest thing you have ever seen go on in the market over here in your time?

    I'm a newb here too. But beginners boards.. Well, I've been on forums for a while now, so I'll just say, hey, whatsup. Basically I'm a professional polymath, meaning I do pretty much everything. Art, science, seduction, contact sports, writing, adventuring the globe (playboying).
    And yeah, thats kind of my deal. As a heads up.
    And I LOVE the stock market. Its like a woman, its beautiful. I love going into a market and just finding that sexy little trade, grrrr!

    And just to clarify the first question, I'm looking for some free but awesome stockchart information thats updated live, and a nice brokerage firm.


    - Cost
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