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    Default Computer phone answering service

    Do you get annoyed when you phone a business as a customer and get "push button 1 for!, 2 for!" etc etc. Then you get another "push button 1 etc" again. The next is a message that tells you that all lines are busy, your call is important to us etc, etc. Finally you can often get to a real human, probably in India.

    Here is the "get even" plan.

    When they finally answer you say "Sorry your caller has taken another call. My call to you is important. Please hold and I will be with you as soon as possible". You then put down the phone, have a nice cup of tea and MAKE THEM WAIT TOO.

    I've just done just that. They caught me on a bad day. Doing it has made my day feel a little better.
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    The ultimate get even call centre reply, funny as.
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