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    Default Costs of trading CFDs vs. Stocks


    i've never traded cfd before and im trying to get a understanding of the costs involved.

    so for example

    with stocks say I bought 29411 units of (xyz) for 3.40 and sold for 3.45

    profit of $1467 minus $200 for brokerage.

    so a net of about $1267

    does this sound right so far?

    how does this compare to CFD's

    cmc margin requirment is 8% so does this mean i could cover the trade for $8000 in my account?

    minimum stop loss order is 2 x spread plus 1
    what does this mean in laymen terms?

    cmc tick movement fer cfd is 0.01
    what does this mean in laymens?

    also in regard to the price of the stock
    with cmc being a market maker, does this mean i would not get the cfd for 3.40?

    comsec being direct market access, would that mean i would get the cfd for 3.40?

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