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    Hey punters! Firstly im not sure if they topic goes against the forum CoC or anything like that but anyways hear me out. Just got an email from Betfair (whom I bet with) that they are offering $100 per new account referred.

    The deal is you refer your mates (non family) to join Betfair, the new member must place a minimum $50 bet on anything with 1.2+ odds and they receive $100 credit towards their account. The referrer will also gain $100 to bet with or withdraw. No catches as I have just referred a work mate and we both have the $100 extra in our accounts. Therefore, at best you'll gain $100 and at worst you'll gain $50.

    So if anyone if looking at online betting let me know via a private message and Ill send out an email.


    Once again, I think this is a pretty good deal but check the website for more info.

    PS: I've been betting with betfair for over a year now and love it.

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    There must be some type of restriction on what you can do with the money?
    Do you have to turn it over/bet with it a certain number of times before you can withdraw it?

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    Usually, if you win with the free cash it doesn't count towards your winnings, ie you only win the profit and not the principal as well.

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    You can withdraw the money. Not only the profit.

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