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    Aguia Resources Limited (AGR), was formerly known as Newport Mining Limited (NHM).

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    I must apologize for not announcing earlier the mentions of this in the media, I think it was the Australian's "pure speculation" column that mentioned it first, but it has featured every now and then in the fin review, and for a small start up explorer of potash that is enough to justify a quick look.

    28-02-2011 10-57-16 AM.jpg

    Their chart shows large interest with a lot of buying.

    AGR has very speculative, promising ground to explore in Brasil, some adjacent to a large existing Vale tenement currently underway. This may just be nearology, but the buying suggests that there is more promise to it. I hold this stock and you must consider that there is virtually no selling available, so it may not be worth the bid, but for completeness of the history of this stock I have added this info. current MC approx. 65M.

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    I just read the pure speculation column of todays date and it sounds like I have ripped it off. This is pure coincidence but nonetheless self reinforcing. Anyway, if anyone is looking, then you may as well go


    and have a look near the end of the article.
    So far today AGR is maintaining its strength; at 1.18.


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