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    Transaction Solutions International Limited (TSN) was formerly known as QED Occtech Limited (QED).

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    Well, a very tightly held stock, approx 70% from memory held by directors, jv partners & european banks. no debt and rising ATM's in India. Seems like a good story.

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    Difficlt to get an idea of value on this one, given the last annual report (QED) only included a 17.6% interest in TSI (now 100% since Sept).

    The Oct revenue figure of $674k on 350 ATMs is released as an ann, with the 43% increase in ATM nos in India as per announcement this extrapolates to $963,820 or $11,565,840 pa in revenue (again, the lack of prev. yrs financials makes it hard to judge any profit margin/fixed overheads).
    Extrapolated gross revenue vs shares on issue (~1.373m) gives a 0.84cps on gross revenue with 500ATMs, not sure at what point they become profitable.

    Not compelling me to buy but one for the watchlist.
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    Thks Mofra. Lack of previous reports is an issue. Keeping an eye on this. I feel (and that is all it is ) it might run in the new year. All the best.

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    This story is of major interest to me. I found this company a while back and have kept in touch with their announcements. I have also purchased some shares in this company (my own disclosure). TSI code (tsn on the asx) basically puts in ATMs for the Indian banks in India- they almost act like an ATM outsource firm for the banks and they get paid by the banksprimarily on a per transaction basis.

    Up till now they have secured contracts with Punjab National Bank, Tamilnad Mercantile Bank and HDFC Bank. They had 525 ATMs fully operational and had ATM contracts to come with HDFC and Tamilnad, from my understanding they are putting in another 100 machines for HDFC and 100 for Tamilnad which should take them to 725 machines soon.

    I like the fact that this company has a scaleable business, that is the more contracts they win, the more machines they put in place, the more transactions they get and the more revenue is generated. I also like the fact that they are in India. India has a massive population with an increasing middle class. The stock last traded at 1.3cents.

    Disclosure: I am a shareholder in this company. I am not a financial advisor and I am not making any recommendation in relation to this or any stock nor should you depend on the contents of my post in relation to making any investment. If you want to make an investment please do your own research or consult a qualified professional before proceeding. You should always be responsible for your own investment decision.

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    Thought of you, Telamelo, when I saw this chart today. TSN is into ATM's like STL.

    Nice high volume break higher. The weekly chart shows that price is in a corrective move after a huge impulsive move up. I'd classify this buy as a daily break-out in a weekly pull-back. The RR is pretty good if price gets back the the old highs.

    I won't be buying this as there are too many issued shares (1.945 billion of them).

    Cheers, Peter.

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