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    Here is a thread that is being set up as an atempt to discuss US STOCKS


    INTEL .... Ticker ( INTC )

    .................................................. .................................................. ..

    LET'S see .....What do we have here ....

    This is one that kinda makes the STOCK World go- round ...

    Have had this one on the radar since mid August 05

    What a stench this could cause world wide , if only the tech sector was to understand these implications .... a double top has formaed in the longer term charts ... Oh No ! ... Not just any old Double Top we also have a retracement of 618 % for those who watch and understand Fibonacci Retracements ....

    Well , I leave the Daily charts posted below for you to go figure ? ..............

    Please don't go out and buy or sell this stock because you saw this post ......
    Utilize your own trading strategy ,,,, I am just trying to post what I see going on.... That's it ... I am not advising anything .... These are not recomendations ....


    What makes a market place is all of our diffrences of opinions .
    ------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    It is far more difficult to Exit a trade than to Enter a trade .... I am sure that you have heard that said before ,,,


    When making trade it just as important to have an idea where you want to exit as it is to place a stop to protect yourself from a move against you .


    THATS WHY I TRADE ELLIOTT WAVES , because its giving you a probability of where to look for a turn in a given market .....
    The smaller the risk in relation to the price objective , the better chance of success in long haul .... (This is called Risk to Reward )


    The Risk is determined by the diffrence between,,,the entry price and the stop price... This is the Risk...

    On the other hand ...

    Money mangement is based on how much CAPITAL you have trade with,,,,,, which determins how many shares or contracts ....
    you should purchase to enter the trade ....

    My hopes are you really understand this principle //// ...

    It’s just the way that is ...

    TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK… The purpose of these charts is to point out significant highs and lows based on Fibonacci Retracement lines and Elliott Waves which are highly subjective. This information is for educational purposes and should not be considered trading recommendations. All trading decisions are your own sole responsibility …
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    Default Re: US Stocks-Outlook ( Recent weeks )

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