Sorry if this is a stupid question, but i'm a bit stupid when it comes to all this stuff.

Our company gives us share options of which i've purchased some before (in Sept this year) and sold them.

I have some more available in November and I'd like to take up the offer again and then sell them.

These 2 lots are the only shares I've bought/sold this finanacial year.

The share options that i can get in November are 'issued' in 2009 but i havent 'exercised' them yet. If i buy (exercise) the shares in November, does this mean that technically I've held them for over a year so the amount of profit gets halved for tax purposes???

I'm just trying to figure it out because i dont want to be in the next tax bracket after selling them ? ? ?

Hope this all makes sense. As you can see I'm completely in the dark when it comes to the tax implication of all this and our company doesnt really have many people who can help me.

thanks in advance