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    Default Punch myself in the face

    I'm fairly sure I have just done the stupidest thing ever,. Lol after having a Trojan on my computer I formatted it , then went in and changed my bank and commsec account passwords.

    Good to be safe right? Well sure except stupid me without thinking tried to login to commsec on my phone that had the old password saved in it, tried to login a few times and now I'm Loocked out. This is normal right? A few wrong attempts and I have to call customer support to get my account unlocked?

    I hope this is the case and its not something more serious.

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    Default Re: punch myself in the face.

    Speak to your banks asap.

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    Default Re: Punch myself in the face

    I'm fairly sure I just locked myself out, commsec customer support is only 8 am - 8pm.
    Does anyone know if several wrong login attempts will lock my account because I probly did about 10 with my old password before I remembered that I changed it.

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    Default Re: Punch myself in the face

    yeah its standard for that to happen with most brokers..

    good news is none can get in right now

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    Default Re: Punch myself in the face

    Yeah I'm fairly confident that its just my login attempts that stuffed it up, I was a little uneasy because it simply says "sorry login attempt failed"
    Where as with my bank if my account is locked it will say something like "login failed due to too many failed attempts, please call customer support"

    Aahh its late at night, ill call tomorrow before the market opens, not much can go wrong anyway I guess. I have SMS verification setup for bank transfers over $2k

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    Default Re: Punch myself in the face

    Hope you got this all sorted with no problems?

    Also, most of us try to be helpful here at ASF, so need to have to punch yourself in the face
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