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    Default Love Mercy Uganda foundation

    A story in today's Herald regarding Love Mercy foundation today interested me. I dislike donating to a charity where most of the donation is used up by administration or corruptly used where it was not supposed to go. This one interested me. I'm sending off $1000. Half for "cents for seeds" and half for "micro finance". ANY more takers.

    Contact.Email: caitlin@lovemercyfoundation.org

    Mobile: 0423922529

    Office: 02 9545 1636

    Fax: 02 9521 2696

    Mail: Love Mercy Foundation

    PO Box 11 Sutherland NSW 2232

    The vision for Love Mercy Uganda was established after two professional athletes, Julius Achon of Uganda, and Eloise Wellings of Sydney Australia met in 2008.

    Love Mercy Foundation is a rights based community development organization currently working in Northern Uganda.

    Cents for Seeds is a micro loan donation given to families in Orum. For as little as a $25 dollar donation, the livelihood of an entire family can be ensured. Your one of gift will go directly to purchasing 2kg of sesame seeds, 2kg of bean seeds and 2kg of peanuts for a family. This loan will provide approximately 100kg of food. The family can then choose to eat and also sell this produce. 6kg of whatever is produced will be paid back to the Love Mercy Foundation for us to give on to the next family in need. In this way, your one off donation will be re given many times on your behalf.

    Micro Finance Donations are a one off donation that provides a sustainable solution based on enabling the rights and abilities of communities. Rather than welfare, community members are provided a small micro finance loan from as little as $90 in order to establish their own income stream. Sewing machines, agricultural tools, seeds, and building materials can be purchased for less than $AU100 and from this initial injection of finance an entire business can grow which will then break the cycle of poverty. When a business becomes successful enough to pay back their loan, the Love Mercy Foundation will re-give it to another family on your behalf to impact a greater number of people from the same small donation.

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    A little more about the founders:

    "The vision for Love Mercy Uganda was established after two professional athletes, Julius Achon of Uganda, and Eloise Wellings of Sydney Australia met in 2008.
    Love Mercy Foundation is a rights based community development organization currently working in Northern Uganda.

    We work at a grassroots level to provide sustainable development projects which see local people enabled to meet their basic needs, become educated and seek a sustainable income

    One morning on a routine training run in Uganda, Julius Achon literally stumbled upon 11 orphaned children living underneath a bus. These children, who had been effected by Africaís longest running war, were without food, clothing, housing or education, with some of the children unable to remember even their own names. From that day on, Julius took the children on as his own family.

    Julius himself was no stranger to poverty. Having grown up the remote village of Awake in Northern Uganda, and himself being abducted by the Lords Resistance Army and forced into being a child soldier, he understands like no other the effects of poverty and war. After a miraculous escape from captivity and a natural ability as a long distance runner, Julius established his foundation in response to the dire situation faced by the residents of his home village, Awake. Ravaged by the brutal Lordís Resistance Army during Ugandaís two-decade civil war, damaged by floods, and, more recently, touched by famine caused by drought, the villageís residents are struggling in the face of truly inadequate living conditions, and many children have been left without family.

    After hearing of Juliusís story, Eloise Wellings established Love Mercy Uganda to facilitate development in Juliusís village with a vision to impact all of Uganda and eventually all of Africa.

    Two World Class Athletes who want to save the world!

    Julius Achon
    Julius Achon has an inspiring story of hope which continues to unfold. At the age of 12, He was captured by rebels, from the Lords Resistance Army and forced to become a child soldier. He was held captive for 3 months until an opportunity to escape arose when a government plane flew over the LRA camp and started attacking the rebels. Julius escaped but sadly witnessed the murder of 9 of his friends as they ran for their lives.

    When Julius returned to school, he knew he had athletic talent and so began to run 5 miles to and from school each day for training. He was selected to run at the District athletics carnival but could not afford the bus ticket. To avoid missing out on competing, Julius ran 40 miles in 4 hours to make the carnival which he went on to win. This was the first of many local successes, which lead to Julius being offered a scholarship to George Mason University in South Carolina. From here, Julius began his professional running career including the above highlights.

    Julius continues to train and work with other athletes in order to support his adopted family in Uganda. It is his dream to one day complete a medical centre, a primary school, a preschool, and many small business initiatives to help support his village and eliminate poverty in Northern Uganda.

    Eloise Wellings
    Commonwealth Games athlete Eloise Wellings is passionate about athletics and passionate about helping those in poverty. After her and her Husband Jonathan met Julius Achon, then went on a trip to Uganda to meet the 11 Ugandan orphans he'd adopted, Wellings knew she could make a difference. Ever since, setting up the foundation Eloise has used her successful running career to support Love Mercy Uganda. Eloise began her athletics career young, starting out in the under 6ís at her local little athletics club. After realising at the age of 15 that she wanted to make running her career, she committed to training and qualified for the Olympics at the age of 16. Unfortunately soon after qualifying, Eloise suffered a stress fracture which continued to plague her career for the following decade. After many years of highs and lows, Eloise has returned to form by qualifying for the 2010 Dheli Commonwealth games for the 5000m and 10000m events. She is committed to seeing change in Uganda and supporting Julius in his dreams to see his village prosper and overcome the effects of war and poverty."
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    Default Re: Love Mercy Uganda foundation

    Any interest? Any comment?
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    Default Love Mercy Uganda foundation

    Hi there. I'm the journalist that wrote the story on Eloise and Julius. They truly inspired me and I'm so pleased that their relationship and friendship has inspired so many people. I've received so many emails and letters from people who've read the article and want to lend their support. It was hard to condense such a profound friendship into my 1200 word count ... it's much more layered than I could reveal. By the way, Eloise will be racing at 1.10am this Friday night/early Saturday morning. Be sure to set the alarm and cheer her on and thank you on their behalf for your wonderful generosity.

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    PDF above for those who'd like to read the article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nioka View Post
    Any interest? Any comment?
    Added to the charity column in my October budget
    Disclosure: Long cash, gold, stocks.

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