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    Default Dancing Stewardess Cebu Air

    At least you actually pay attention during this boring safety demos

    Here they are training...

    Now on an actual flight...

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    Cebu Pacific is a great little airline...made even better since Terminal 3 was completed.

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    I love it, first time I have ever paid attention, great idea
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    The race to the bottom is on.
    The extent that some of these airlines will go to to be different to others is scary.
    The third world pay and conditions are catching up now that the GFC has passed and reality is catching out the discount airline beancounters.

    In Australia we are being affected by the same mindset as the local airlines try to compete with third world conditions, pay and training standards.
    The head of Qantas now wants Australian pay and conditions dropped the that of their Asian competitors.
    We will see dancing in the aisles on Jetstar soon and Qantas as we know it will be just a memory.

    The interesting bit is that the quality airlines such as Cathay, Emirates and Etihad are actually raising their pay and conditions in an attempt to keep quality crew.

    The standards of new recruits and the experience levels are below world standards where previously we set the standard.
    At least the Senate may address the potential problems associated with the Australian problem of people on the boards of airlines also having a say in the lowering of the minimum experience levels requirements to those never seen before.

    Its similiar to the fox is looking after the hen house or the guy who has jumped out of the 40th floor window yelling "so far so good" as he goes past the 10th floor.

    For anyone who flies this is essential reading, you won't find this info in the inflight magazine
    (I love the bit where Tiger management said that Australian rules don't apply to them)
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