hey everyone,

im not sure if this is the right section or right forums but this is the only one I could find. apologies if its not

I am located in melbourne, am looking at selling my business (hospitality)
and am bamboozled by the number of brokers out there.....

Im particularly looking at a broker that has access/coverage/exposure to overseas clients , particlularly the asian market

does anybody know which broker this would be? or the best way to market it out there?

im sure every agent is going to say "yeah, I can do INSERT REQUEST, we are the best brokers in the country, don't listen to what someone else says" just like real estate agents.

any tips would be appreciated

from what I have seen, Klemms and Ballantines seem to be everywhere, whether, there is also one run by asians in the east, where none of them speak very good english.....

thanks again everyone